Hi, I’m Sherisa de Groot. I’m a mom to two humans and one cat. I’m a first generation American and an immigrant living in Europe. I’m a Brooklyn native, born and raised. I’m the founder of Raising Mothers, a digital literary magazine and online community entirely focused on the narratives and well-being of Black, Asian, Latine(x) and Indigenous parents/mothers at our varying intersections.

That’s a mouthful. I’m a Black mother always in and seeking community with other parents of color.


A Home Within Myself will act as another way to be in touch with me, Raising Mothers and whatever else I’m up to. Expect interviews, fragments of essays, general musings, and link roundups of what I find interesting on Blue Ivy’s internet. I’ll also make big and small announcements here.

For so long, I’ve resisted the urge to feel like I’m all over the internet. Especially as I move away from much of social media to focus on building deep community in private online spaces. I currently use Patreon as my newsletter/you-name-it, but I think it’s important to meet you where you are. So, hi.


The goal is to have something new for you every other week. Sometimes more, sometimes not.


Your inbox, regularly.


Because I really have a lot to say about Black motherhood. And I want it represented all over the place. I’m committed to showing the deep intrinsic value in our narratives. Turning 40 really lit a fire under my ass, so this is me trying to be as proactive as possible and leave my mark on the world (wide web).

Just so you know…

Everything I do, I intend for it to be a deeply collaborative endeavor. So comment, email suggestions of topics to cover or people to speak with or just say hi. Let’s be corny together and “spread some love” like we used to in 05 on MySpace. Connection is everything. CONNECT! 🥰

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Sherisa de Groot

Founder of Raising Mothers. I'm a writer, editor, and community builder living in Amsterdam. Brooklyn is the place that raised me.